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Note: Online bookings for Melbourne clinic only.  For Sydney bookings please call the office or register through the intake form.


Please call the office directly if you cannot a suitable appointment time through the booking system, and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Leapfrog O.T's are trained to conduct specialist handwriting assessments for older students, to determine the need for special provisions in both Victoria or NSW.  We carry out comprehensive, specialist assessments looking at the quality, legibility and speed of handwriting.  For students with autism, ADHD, Developmental Coordination Disorder or Disorders of Written Expression, specialist accomodations can be provided.  This assessment information can be used as supporting evidence, to demonstrate longstanding handwriting difficulties, which is a current requirement when applying for special consideration through VCAA (in Victoria) or BOSTES (in NSW).  


Leapfrog O.T's will provide written reports outlining occupational therapy assessment results and recommendations, including the need for accomodations such as laptop use or extra time to complete examinations.  

Please note: Recommendations provided to support a students application does not guarantee that their application will be successful.

Kids Handwriting
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