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Children in Indoor Playground




Group sessions are a fantastic way to access therapy in a fun and engaging environment. Your child will be matched to a small group suitable for their needs and abilities- please note that an assessment will be required to determine suitability for group attendance, this will be arranged at time of enquiry.


We have 5 awesome, neurodiversity affirming occupational therapy groups for kids of all ages running in the April School holidays... scroll through to see what's on offer!

Purple Glow


Dancing with

our little stars

Music & Dance


Age: 4-6 years

Dates:  17th April - 21st April (inclusive)

Time: 9:30am-11:30am

Location: Melbourne and Sydney


Every child is a star, and we know that some music and dancing could help them shine even brighter! This group is an opportunity for your child to learn a simple dance routine that will be presented to the parents on our last day in the clinic! The group will involve learning a dance routine, and also incorporate group games, songs, and more!

We will be helping your child explore their social development within a peer group with a common goal, and trying to support them in their early development of the following skills:

  • Making friends with common interests

  • Basic school readiness skills: listening skills, following instructions, working in a group

  • Energy management: powering up and powering down our bodies

  • Emotional and sensory regulation through movement

This is a 5-day programme running 2 hours per day, from 9:30am-11:30am each day. Dancing and movement will make up a proportion of the activities but will also be interspersed with other gross motor, fine motor and emotional regulation activities.

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