Group sessions are a fantastic way to access therapy in a fun and engaging environment. Your child will be matched to a small group suitable for their needs and abilities- please note that an assessment will be required to determine suitability for group attendance, this will be arranged at time of enquiry.

Flexible Little Leapfrogs
(5-8 year olds)

This is a group for kids to learn about emotional regulation, flexible thinking and social interactions.  It's the perfect group for children who struggle to manage big emotions and would benefit from learning how to understand and regulate their emotions more effectively. This group will target

  • working in a group

  • learning about basic self regulation, so that a child can start to match their energy level to the task

  • understanding and reading social cues

  • taking turns with other kids

  • Being flexible when things don't go to plan and what to do when you having a 'rock brain' moment

  • learning about making and keeping friends


April 12/13/14:  1:30-3pm  OR

April 19/20/21: 1:30-3pm

Cost $450 per week

 Little Leapfrogs Get Set For School (4-6 year olds)

2021 has been an incredibly tricky year for preschoolers. They have missed crucial opportunities to socialise, build their emotional regulation skills and general school readiness skills.  For this reason we are increasing our capacity for school readiness group sessions and have put on extra groups to meet the growing demand.


Small group sessions cover:

  • Fine/visual motor activities including holding a pencil with an age appropriate grip, learning to draw/write your name and use scissors

  • Turn taking during play

  • Sitting and listening during group activities, learning to put up your hand and follow instructions

  • Self care skills including opening lunch containers/ water bottles, doing up zips and buttons

  • Regulating emotions to be in the right zone for learning


April 11-14th (inclusive) : 9:30-11am

Cost $600