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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?

No referral is required to book an assessment appointment.  However check out the Fees/Funding Option page to look at the medicare rebates that may be available for your child. G.P referral is required for all of these rebates.


Does my child need an assessment of can they just start therapy?

Assessments are a key part of the occupational therapy process.  They allow the therapist to identify areas of need and establish a baseline with which to monitor progress.  Assessment may involve observation, parent/ teacher discussion, standardised and/or non standardised testing of your child.  Our therapists are experts at ensuring the child can actively engage in the assessment process and have fun along the way- most of the time they don’t realise they are actually being ‘assessed’!


I'm not sure that my school will let you come and work with my child there- has this happened before?

We have a close working relationship with all of the schools that our clients go to.  A handful of them have policies preventing therapists from working on site, despite the Department of Education giving schools autonomy to choose who works with their students.  In these instances we usually try clinic or home based therapy,  working closely with the school to come up with a plan so that your child will not miss out on accessing strategies for school. It should be noted that the overwhelming majority of schools highly value input from the O.T and have usually recommended the referral in the first place. 


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