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At Leapfrog we know there's no 'one-size fit's all' approach to working with children and their families.  So we have lots of different options for families to consider. Some of these services are working directly with the child, and some are working with parents/teachers using a coach approach.  We are able to conduct a range of standardised assessments for children aged 0-16 years, as well as more informal support through our drop-in clinic.  We recently established the fast track Assessment Clinic running every school holidays, which has significantly improved access to comprehensive assessments. 


Our therapy is neurodiversity affirming. This means we use a strengths based approach, working wth your child's unique skills and developmental profile to help them achieve their goals.   Therapy can take place in one of our clinics, at the child's home, school/ preschool or using teletherapy. We set functional goals to help children develop in their areas of need. We also have a number of interest based group programmes on offer, to help children connect with kids with similar interests and passions.

At Leapfrog we believe strongly in using evidenced based practices.  Where possible we use cognitive approaches to help children problem solve through their areas of needs.

Our team focus on collaboration between parents, teachers, and other health professionals working with your child. Everyone needs to be the ‘same page’ with therapy strategies!

occupational therapist with kids
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